Consultancy Services

In the field of consultancy, we are very resourceful in the following areas:

Engineering System Studies and Analysis:

We offer Engineering System Studies and Analysis services which are computer based with more indept evaluation of operational integrity and system reliability. Reliable computer programs has been developed for reliability studies, fault studies Load-flow analysis, system forecast, protection system analysis etc.

Electrical Power System Planning and Design

We offer Electrical Power System Planning and Design services involving all voltage levels and all areas of the Power System including Generation, Transmission and Distribution

Power System Protection and Control

We offer Power System Protection and Control services with specific reference to System Configuration and Equipment design. Our specific computer analysis puts emphasis on load flow in radial and interconnected systems, system fault simulation/analysis with a view to evolving reliable system fault levels for dependable relay coordination, load forecast to cater for future requirements and reliability prediction and analysis to adequately cater for future trouble spots.

Electromechanical System Analysis and Design

Involving system specification and machine design for raw material processing.

Energy Management Systems

Our Energy Management services include System Development for strategic Energy utilisation.

Process Control System Analysis and Design

Including Computer based evaluation of Process Control systems.

Construction/Installation Services

  • Transmission System Planning and installation
  • Distribution System Planning and Installation
  • Power Station design and Installation
  • Substation Planning and Installation
  • Industrial System design and Installation

Technical Training Services

Apart from the above listed areas of operation, we are also engaged in training of technical staff of Companies and Government parastatals such as NNPC, NEPA, UNIPETROL, BANK OF THE NORTH etc in the following areas:

  • Electrical Power System Protection Course
  • Industrial Drives
  • Plant Engineering
  • Compressor Operation Systems
  • Instrumentation and Control
  • Distribution System Engineering
  • Emergency Power Systems

Services from Pauma Engineering

At Pauma Engineering Consultants, we offer a range of Services in Consultancy, Construction/Installation and Technical Training.